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Chalky Effect Paints
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Chalky Effect Paint
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Applying Wax
Colourman wax is the perfect way to finish your paint project to give an authentic aged look and a light protective layer. On the down side wax will water mark, so on table tops or areas where you will get grease and water e.g. Kitchen cabinets, we would recommend a varnish.
Chalky Paints
Fig 1
Apply the wax with a lint free soft cloth or brush (fig. 1). Again do not apply too thickly.

Use a small amount at a time and work into the paint. It may give an uneven appearance initially, but as it dries this will level out.

Leave the wax to dry for at least 5 minutes, but we recommend longer, then buff with a brush (fig 2) then finish with a soft cloth.

For buffing larger areas the PB4 is perfect to finish the waxing process please see instructions on this brush.

Chalk Effect Paints
Fig 2
Applying Colourman Dark Wax
We have 2 colour options of dark wax, Colourman Dark Pine and Colourman Antique Pine. These can be used onto wood to darken and finish table and dresser tops to give a warm finish to your painted furniture. These can also be used on painted furniture to give a vintage antique aged effect.

This is best applied over a coat of our Colourman Clear wax or our Colourman Soft wax (PXW) (see more info below) this stops the dark wax sinking into the paint and changing the Fig.1 Fig 2 colour but gives an aged finish by sitting in the corners and mouldings.

Once you have applied a coat of Colourman clear wax then use either a brush or lint free cloth to apply a coat of Colourman dark wax (fig 3).

Work the wax into the corners, indents and mouldings. Don't allow the dark wax to dry, simply take a clean cloth and start to remove the excess dark wax. You can add more clear wax on your cloth to prevent it drying. Fine grade wire wool can also be useful at this point to remove the excess dark wax (fig4).

When you have removed the required amount then leave to dry and harden for at least 30 minutes then buff with a polishing brush or cloth (fig 5).

If you prefer you can leave dull and not buff.

Chalk Paints
Fig 3
Chalky Paint
Fig 4
Chalk Paints
Fig 5
Colourman PXW Wax
This is a soft clear furniture wax. Apply over Colourman Paint to give a lustrous low sheen with minimal effect on the paint colour. The wax will soak in. It is a slow drying wax which will Fig3 Fig 4 Fig 5 feed the paint giving it depth rather than polish. Ideal for use prior to applying Colourman dark waxes.

This is easy to use, simply apply over Colourman paint with a lint free cloth or brush, then wipe off excess immediately then leave for a minimum of 5 minutes then buff with a soft cloth or brush or leave as it is.

Colourman Gilt Waxes
This is fantastic for adding small details to decorative items, it can be applied very sparingly to give a hint of gold or silver or in a stronger coat to give a solid finish. See our video below.
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