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Chalky Effect Paints
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Chalky Effect Paint
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Advice on preparation for using Colourman paint
Chalk Effect Paints
A little time spent on preparation will pay dividends to your finished project. The first thing is to assess the finish that is on the piece of furniture. By following these simple tips you may well avoid some of the pitfalls it is possible to fall into.
You can paint straight on to bare wood with no need for primers but if you want to create an aged or distressed finish you will need to stain the wood first, then seal the stain in with two coats of Colourman shellac sanding sealer (see fig.1). This will also seal any knots that may bleed through. The sanding sealer is very quick drying and once finished you are ready to paint.
Chalk Effect Paint
It's best again to take a little time with this as if you want the paint to stick then removing the wax is time well spent. This is easily done with either meths or sugar soap. Just dip medium grade wire wool into either of these and then rub with the grain of the wood, then wipe clean with a soft damp cloth. Then apply two coats of Colourman sanding sealer and once dry your ready to paint.
When painted typical brown furniture from a charity shop it is sometimes tricky to know how it will react to being painted. It may have heavy stains which may bleed through your paint, so to prevent this we recommend the following simple steps:

1/ Remove all knobs
2/ Lightly sand with a fine grade sand paper
3/ Apply 2 coats of Colourman sanding sealer
4/ Once this is dry give it a light sanding with wire wool to slightly key the surface, giving the paint something to adhere to
5/ Your then ready to paint If for any reason you do have a problem with stain or knots bleeding through the paint all is not lost.

If you apply a couple of coats of Colourman sanding sealer over your paint you can then continue.

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